Best Women's Health Nursing Books

Here you will get Best Women's Health Nursing Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Real Food for Pregnancy: The Science and Wisdom of Optimal Prenatal Nutrition

Author: by Lily Nichols
346 pages

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Prenatal nutrition can be confusing. A lot of the advice you have been given about what to eat (or what not to eat) is well-meaning, but frankly, outdated or not evidenced-based. In Real Food for Pregnancy, you will get clear answers on what to eat and why, with research to back up every recommendation.

Author and specialist in prenatal nutrition, Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE, has taken a long and hard look at the science and discovered a wide gap between current prenatal nutrition recommendations and what foods are required for optimal health in pregnancy and for your baby’s development.

There has never been a more comprehensive and well-referenced resource on prenatal nutrition. With Real Food for Pregnancy as your guide, you can be confident that your food and lifestyle choices support a smooth, healthy pregnancy.

2. Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP)

Author: by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
350 pages

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New 8th Edition!Innovative resource for interactive, simulation-based teaching and learning The Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) is an educational program jointly sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Heart Association (AHA). The course is designed to teach an evidence-based approach to resuscitation of the newborn to health care professionals who care for newborns at the time of delivery.

NRP Essentials and NRP Advanced The NRP, 8th edition, introduces a new educational methodology to better meet the needs of health care professionals who manage the newly born baby. New in the 8th editionKey Points at the beginning of each lesson.

Quick Response (QR) codes that enable the reader to view short videos about the topics on their mobile device. Lesson Review Questions grouped together at the end of each lesson. Quality Improvement Opportunities and Frequently Asked Questions in each lesson.

New sections in Lesson 10 (Special Considerations) about resuscitation of the newborn with a myelomeningocele or an abdominal wall defect. Three Supplemental Lessons (Improving Resuscitation Team Performance, Resuscitation Outside the Delivery Room, and Bringing Quality Improvement to Your Resuscitation Team) that allow NRP users to enhance their resuscitation knowledge and performance.

3. Maternal Child Nursing Care

Author: by Shannon E. Perry RN PhD FAAN


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Get the accurate, practical information you need to succeed in the classroom, the clinical setting, and on the NCLEX-RN examination. Written by the foremost experts in maternity and pediatric nursing, the user-friendly Maternal Child Nursing Care, 6th Edition provides both instructors and students with just the right amount of maternity and pediatric content.

This new edition includes updated case studies within Nursing Care Plans, as well as a new chapter on pediatric cancer. Focus on the family throughout emphasizes the influence of the entire family in health and illness. Focus on the family throughout emphasizes the influence of the entire family in health and illness.

Expert authors of the market-leading maternity and pediatric nursing textbooks combine to ensure delivery of the most accurate, up-to-date content. Critical thinking case studies offer you opportunities to test and develop your analytical skills and apply knowledge in various settings.

Nursing Care Plans include rationales for interventions and provide you with an overview and specific guidelines for delivering effective nursing care. Nursing Alerts highlight critical information that you need to know when treating patients. Guidelines boxes outline nursing procedures in an easy-to-follow format.

4. On Becoming Babywise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep "2019 edition"- Interactive Support

Author: by Robert Bucknam M.D.

279 pages

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Distinguished pediatrician Dr Robert Bucknam, M.D. And co-author Gary Ezzo are two of the world’s leading experts on infant management concepts. In this revised 6th edition, they have updated their groundbreaking approach which has found favor with over six million parents in all 50 states and has been translated into 20 languages around the world.

For over 25 years, On Becoming Babywise has been the de facto newborn parenting manual for naturally synchronizing your baby’s feeding time, waketime and nighttime sleep cycles, so the whole family can sleep through the night. In his 29th year as a licensed Pediatrician, Dr. Robert Bucknam, M.D.

Along with co-author Gary Ezzo, demonstrate how order and stability are mutual allies of every newborn’s metabolism and how parents can take advantage of these biological propensities. Now millions of new moms are invited to ask their questions and interact Live online with this new Interactive Support Edition.

5. Williams Obstetrics, 25th Edition

Author: by F. Gary Cunningham
1344 pages

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The world’s premier obstetrics guidenow updated with a greater focus on maternal-fetal medicine A Doody’s Core Title for 2021! The obstetrics text that has defined the discipline for generations of obstetrician-gynecologists is now more timelyand essentialthan ever. Written by authors from the nationally known University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Williams Obstetrics maintains its trademark comprehensive coverage and applicability at the bedside, while offering the most current perspective of the field.

This landmark text begins with fundamental discussions of reproductive anatomy and physiology. These dovetail into clinical chapters covering obstetrical complications such as preterm labor, pregnancy-related infection, hemorrhage, and hypertension, among others. Representing the culmination of a century of clinical thought, the new Twenty-Fifth Edition is enhanced by more than 1,000 full-color illustrations plus an increased emphasis on the fast-growing subspecialty of maternal-fetal medicine.

6. Maternity and Pediatric Nursing

Author: by Susan Ricci
2066 pages

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Focus your course on essential concepts and establish the basis for the sound nursing care of women and children with Maternity and Pediatric Nursing, Fourth Edition. The latest edition of this trusted text has been designed with your curriculum in mind, helping you maximize your class time and establish the knowledge base and critical thinking skills students need to ensure safe, effective maternity and pediatric care and guide women and children toward higher levels of wellness throughout the life cycle.

A nursing process approach provides relevant information in a concise, straightforward manner, streamlining coverage of a broad scope of maternity topics and clearly distinguishing the differences between the care of adults and children. Emphasizing commonly encountered clinical challenges in maternity and pediatric care, this practical text builds students’ ability to anticipate, identify and address problems and provide timely, evidence-based interventions to reduce long-term sequelae.

7. Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses

Author: by Julie K Briggs RN BSN MHA
630 pages

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Assess the nature and severity of callers’ symptoms quickly and confidently, with Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses, 6th Edition. More than 200 alpha-organized protocols address a wide range of symptoms, disorders and medical emergencies, while the flow chart format leads callers to provide vital Yes or No answers to appropriate questions.

This comprehensive manual a must-have for nurses both new and experienced offers accurate care recommendations even when client information is limited. Follow expert direction and make quick, accurate assessments NEW and updated protocols offer current best practices and reflect changes in access to medications and health careProtocols address adult, pediatric, geriatric, maternal/child, home health concerns, current health issues, and communicable disease outbreaksNEW protocols include arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), elder abuse, stroke symptoms, and Zika virusPost-operative conditions and considerations have been added to numerous protocolsExpanded appendices include altered mental status, PTSD, suicide prevention, and emergency preparednessAlpha-organized protocols help you quickly locate topics by symptom or conditionTable of contents by body system helps you quickly locate topics by body system, body part or set of related symptomsPeer-reviewed by nursing expertsEasy-to-follow question-asking flow chart Yes or No answers lead to specific care recommendationsIdeal guidance for all nurses, particularly those in triage and ambulatory practiceSorts life-threatening problems from those not requiring physician or emergency careIncreases consistency of advice and documentationNurse Alerts help the nurse identify potentially life-threatening conditions related to the symptoms and provides additional information to consider when choosing a protocol or triaging the caller’s concernSymptoms alpha-organized and grouped by level of urgency, addressing injuries, trauma, pain, swelling and other symptoms for:Body part problemsBody system problemsChronic and infectious diseasesBehavioral problemsPediatric-specific problemsMaternal/obstetric specific problems or conditionsSections under every symptom or condition include:Key Questions to ask callerOther Protocols to ConsiderReminder what to note for proper documentationAssessment Yes or No questions to determine the urgency of symptoms or conditionsActions clear direction following Yes or No answers to questionsImmediate actions proven protocols that refer caller to emergency, physician, or at-home care instructionsHome Care Instructions comprehensive actions to take before emergency care, before appointment, or at-home careEmergency Instructions in-the-moment first aidReport the Following Problems what caller should tell their personal or ER physicianSeek Emergency Care Immediately if certain symptoms occurReminder to determine if caller agrees with the advice provided and if not, reevaluateMust-have resource for medical offices, clinics, schools, community referrals, emergency departments, urgent care centers, home health agencies and managed healthcare providers About the Author Julie Briggs, RN, BSN, MHA, has an extensive background in Emergency Nursing, Management, Telephone Triage, Emergency Preparedness, Utilization Review and Quality Management.

8. Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children

Author: by Marilyn J. Hockenberry PhD RN PPCNP-BC FAAN
1424 pages

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Prepare to give pediatric patients the specialized care they deserve with the leading text in pediatric nursing. Written by pediatric experts, Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children, 11th Edition takes a unique, easy-to-follow developmental approach to describe the care of children at each age and stage of development.

This longtime bestseller provides an evidence-based, clinical perspective that shows how the quality of nursing care can impact quality patient outcomes. Childhood diseases and disorders are organized by age groups and body systems and explained through the nursing process framework.

This edition features completely updated and reorganized chapters that present content in a clear, easy-to-understand way. New Quality Indicator boxes paint a bigger picture of hospitals and how they look at quality and safety. A focus on family-centered care emphasizes the role and influence of the family in health and illness with a separate chapter and Family-Centered Care boxes.

9. Gynecologic Health Care: With an Introduction to Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Author: by Kerri Durnell Schuiling
Jones & Bartlett Learning
500 pages

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Gynecologic Health Care: With an Introduction to Prenatal and Postpartum Care continues to set the standard for evidence-based gynecologic health care and well-being in an extensively updated fourth edition. As in prior editions, the text presents gynecologic health care using a holistic and person-centered approach.

Encompassing both health promotion and management of gynecologic conditions, it provides clinicians and students with a strong foundation in gynecologic care and the knowledge necessary to apply it in clinical practice. With an emphasis on the importance of respecting the normalcy of physiology, it is an essential reference for all midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other clinicians who provide gynecologic health care.

Written by award-winning clinicians and educators, Gynecologic Health Care covers the topics clinicians and students need to know. Additional chapters provide an overview of prenatal and postpartum care, including anatomic and physiologic adaptations of normal pregnancy and common complications of pregnancy.

10. Maternity and Women's Health Care

Author: by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk RNC PhD FAAN

‎ English
896 pages

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Stay up-to-date with the latest in women’s health! Maternity and Women’s Health Care, 12th Edition provides evidence-based coverage of everything you need to know about caring for women of childbearing age. The new edition is thoroughly updated and consistent with the NCLEX test plan, focusing on prioritization of care and how best to work among interprofessional teams.

As in previous editions, this text emphasizes childbearing concerns like newborn care, wellness promotion and the management of women’s health problems. The 12th edition integrates the continuum of care throughout, focusing on the importance of understanding family, culture, and community-based care along with new medication alerts, future trends in contraception, human trafficking, the zika virus, and more!

Content on many high-risk conditions has been updated to reflect newly published guidelines. Expert authors of the market-leading maternity nursing textbook deliver the most accurate, up-to-date content. Clinical Reasoning Case Studies provide you with opportunities to critically analyze a client situation and utilize clinical reasoning skills to identify priorities in care.”Community Activity boxes focus on maternal and new born activities that can be pursued in local community settings and online and illustrate nursing care in a variety of settings including assisting clients locating resources.

11. Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing, 7e

Author: by Sharon Smith Murray MSN RN C

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Make sure you fully understand how to care for women and newborns! Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing, 7th Edition integrates essential maternity information into the overall continuum of nursing care to show how to provide safe care in the clinical setting.

With easy-to-understand language, this updated text uses evidence-based guidelines and step-by-step instructions for assessments and interventions to help you quickly master key skills and techniques. Also emphasized is the importance of understanding family, communication, culture, patient teaching, and clinical decision making.

This edition reflects the latest QSEN competencies, and the accompanying Evolve website includes review questions to prepare students for the NCLEX exam! Safety checks integrated into the content help you develop competencies related to safe nursing practice. Unfolding case studies help you apply what you’ve learned to practice.

UPDATED Evidence-Based Practice boxes highlight the latest research and the most current QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses) practice guidelines for quality care. Patient teaching boxes provide teaching guidelines, including communication guides, directed at patients and families. Critical to Remember boxes highlight and summarize need-to-know information.

12. Maternal-Child Nursing, 5e

Author: by Emily Slone McKinney MSN RN C

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Easily master maternity and pediatric nursing care with Maternal-Child Nursing, 5th Edition. This easy-to-read text is filled with a wealth of user-friendly features to help you quickly master essential concepts and skills. It offers completely updated content including expanded information on the late preterm infant, fetal heart rate pattern identification, obesity in the pregnant woman and children, and enhanced coverage of the QSEN initiative.

It also features an abundance of active learning tools so you have ample opportunities to practice applying your knowledge and skills. Nursing care plans help you apply the nursing process to plan individualized care for the most common maternity and pediatric conditions.

Critical to Remember boxes summarize and highlight essential, need-to-know information. Critical Thinking Exercises allow you to apply your knowledge to realistic clinical situations. Communication Cues provide practical tips for effective verbal and nonverbal communication with patients and families. Clinical Reference sections in pediatric chapters present information relevant to each body system, including anatomy and physiology, differences in the pediatric patient, and related laboratory and diagnostic tests.

13. Davis Advantage for Maternal-Newborn Nursing: The Critical Components of Nursing Care

Author: by Roberta Durham RN PhD
F.A. Davis Company
696 pages

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Awarded second place in the 2019 AJN Book of the Year Award in the Maternal-Child Health/Prenatal Nursing Childbirth category Davis Advantage is now live! Visit the RESOURCES tab or your MY PRODUCTS page to log in and get started.Questions?

Visit our FAQs for Instructors and Students. Instant Access: 978-0-8036-7658-9 Access Card: 978-0-8036-7657-2 Davis Advantage for Maternal-Newborn Nursing combines an easy-to-read textbook with an innovative online program to create an immersive, multimedia learning experience that focuses on must-know information to meet the needs of today’s students and instructors.

An access code inside new, printed textbooks unlocks an ebook, as well as access to Davis Advantage. Or choose the all-digital Instant Access option, which includes the ebook and immediate access to Davis Advantage. THE TEXTBOOK The 3rd edition text takes a need-to-know approach, focusing on delivering the critical content to today’s learners.

A visually engaging design uses bulleted content, flow charts, diagrams, and tables to make it easy to understand. You’ll not only find the must-know, evidence-based coverage of the theory and clinical knowledge you need to deliver the very best maternal-newborn care, but also a full unit devoted to caring for women’s health across the lifespan.

14. Hale's Medications & Mothers' Milk 2021: A Manual of Lactational Pharmacology – An Essential Reference Manual on the Transmission of Medicine into Breast Milk

Author: by Dr. Thomas W. Hale PhD

736 pages

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“Note to Readers: Publisher does not guarantee quality or access to any included digital components if book is purchased through a third-party seller. Written by a world-renowned expert in perinatal pharmacology, this essential reference contains current, complete, and evidence-based information on the transmission of maternal drugs into human breast milk.

Because so many women ingest medications while breastfeeding, one of the most common questions encountered in pediatrics is: Which drugs are safe, and which are hazardous for the infant? This 2021 edition has been extensively revised, and now includes 50 completely new and 356 updated medications, and state-of-the-art coverage of multiple diseases, vaccines, and syndromes.

It addresses the use of radiopharmaceuticals, chemotherapeutic agents, and vaccines in breastfeeding mothers, and covers adult concerns, methods of reducing risk to infants, and infant monitoring. New to the 2021 Edition: 50 New Drugs Added 356 Drugs Updated with new data 817 Drug References Updated An updated 7×10 trim size and streamlined design for ease of use in patient education The latest information on the impact of prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbs, and street drugs Key Features: Evidence-based, current information on over 1300 drugs, diseases, vaccines, and syndromes Dr. Hale’s renowned Lactation Risk Categories incorporate recent updates Key points and savvy tips about breastfeeding and medications for quick reference Common abbreviations and drugs listed in alphabetical order Adult concerns, adult dose, pediatric concerns, infant monitoring, and alternatives Succinct information on evaluation of the infant Consider a subscription to www.Halesmeds.

15. Mosby’s® Pocket Guide to Fetal Monitoring: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Nursing Pocket Guides)

Author: by Lisa A. Miller CNM JD
368 pages

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Find real-world, clinically useful information on all aspects of electronic fetal monitoring! Written by clinicians for clinicians, Mosby’s Pocket Guide to Fetal Monitoring: A Multidisciplinary Approach, 9th Edition provides an evidence-based, collaborative approach to fetal heart monitoring during labor and in the antepartum period.

It covers the physiologic basis for FHR monitoring, methods and instrumentation, standardized terminology, pattern recognition and interpretation, and management of care. Authored by a nurse-midwife, a perinatologist, and a nurse, this compact guide prepares you for success on the EFM certification exam and for success in today’s clinical practice.

Pocket-sized format makes this guide ideal to carry and use in the clinical setting, and a colorful design makes information easier to find. Coverage of fetal heart rate assessment, evaluation, interpretation, and management is supported by evidence-based practice and literature, helping you prioritize care and make clinical decisions.

16. Oh Sis, You’re Pregnant!: The Ultimate Guide to Black Pregnancy & Motherhood (Gift For New Moms)

Author: by Shanicia Boswell
Mango (March 16, 2021)
338 pages

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What to Expect When Black, Pregnant, and ExpectingThis book stands as the modern-day guide to birthing while Black. Angelina Ruffin-Alexander, certified nurse midwife2021 International Book Awards finalist in Health: Women’s Health#1 New Release in Pregnancy & Childbirth and Minority Demographic Studies, Medical Ethics, and Women’s Health NursingWritten with lighthearted humor and cultural context, Oh Sis, You’re Pregnant!

Discusses the stages of pregnancy, labor, and motherhood as they pertain to pregnant Black women today. Tailored to today’s pregnant Black woman. In the age of social media, how do pregnant women communicate their big announcement? What are the best protective hairstyles for labor?

Most importantly, how many pregnancy guides focus on issues like Black maternal birth rates and what it really looks like to be Black, pregnant, and single today? Written for the modern pregnant Black woman, Oh Sis, You’re Pregnant! Is the essential what to expect when you’re expecting guide to understanding pregnancy from a millennial Black mom’s point of view.