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The Road to learn React takes you on the journey learning React the pragmatic way. You will build a real world application, consume a real API, write tests for your application, implement exciting features such as caching and filtering, and deploy your application in the end. Along the way, you will transition smoothly from JavaScript ES5 to JavaScript ES6 and beyond. Furthermore you will learn plenty of vanilla JavaScript things. Everything without all the other complex tooling and libraries that surround React.

1 Pro React 16

by Adam Freeman

Best-selling author Adam Freeman explains how to get the most from React. He begins by describing the React architecture and the benefits it offers and then shows you how to use React and its associated tools and libraries in your projects, starting from the nuts and bolts and building up to the most advanced and sophisticated features, going in-depth to give you the knowledge you need.

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Use the enormously popular React framework to build dynamic JavaScript applications that take advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers and devices. You will learn how React brings the power of strong architecture and responsive data to the client, providing the foundation for complex and rich user interfaces.

2 Learning React

by Kirupa Chinnathambi

A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications Using React and Redux (2nd Edition) 2nd Edition

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The only book on the market that helps you get your first React app up and running in just minutes, Learning React is chock-full of colorful illustrations to help you visualize difficult concepts and practical step-by-step examples to show you how to apply what you learn.

3 Building React.js Applications with Redux

by David Geary (Author)

In many web applications, managing state is far too complex; creating, maintaining, modifying, and troubleshooting it takes far too much work.

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Starting with the basics, Geary shows how to use Redux as a stand-alone state container, how to use Redux with React, and then how to implement more advanced and powerful Redux/React scenarios. Geary shows how React bindings for Redux enable you to separate stateless presentation components from components that are connected to React.

4 React in Action 1st Edition

by Mark Tielens Thomas (Author)

React in Action introduces front-end developers to the React framework and related tools.

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React in Action teaches you to think like a pro about user interfaces and building them with React. This practical book gets you up and running quickly with hands-on examples in every chapter. You'll master core topics like rendering, lifecycle methods, JSX, data flow, forms, routing, integrating with third-party libraries, and testing. And the included application design ideas will help make your apps pop.

5 Learning React

by Alex Banks (Author), Eve Porcello (Author)

If you want to learn how to build efficient user interfaces with React, this is your book.

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Developed by Facebook, and used by companies including Netflix, Walmart, and The New York Times for large parts of their web interfaces, React is quickly growing in use. By learning how to build React components with this hands-on guide, you’ll fully understand how useful React can be in your organization.

6 Fullstack React

by Accomazzo Anthony (Author), Murray Nathaniel (Author), Lerner Ari (Author)

Stop wasting your time learning React with incomplete and confusing tutorials.

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You'll learn what you need to know to work professionally and build solid, well-tested, optimized apps with ReactJS. This book is your definitive guide.

7 React Quickly

by Accomazzo Anthony (Author), Murray Nathaniel (Author), Lerner Ari (Author)

Painless web apps with React, JSX, Redux, and GraphQL 1st Edition

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React Quickly is the tutorial for web developers who want to get started fast with React.js. Following carefully chosen and clearly explained examples, you'll learn React development using your existing JavaScript and web dev skills. You'll explore a host of different projects as you learn about web components, forms, and data.

8 Isomorphic JavaScript Web Development

by Tomas Alabes (Author), Konstantin Tarkus (Author)

Universal JavaScript with React and Node Paperback – October 11, 2017

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This book begins by showing you how to develop frontend components in React. It will then show you how to bind these components to back-end web services that leverage the power of Node. You'll see how web services can be used with React code to offload and maintain the application logic. By the end of this book, you will be able to save a significant amount of development time by learning to combine React and Node to code fast, scalable apps in pure JavaScript.

9 React Design Patterns and Best Practices

by Michele Bertoli (Author)

Build easy to scale modular applications using the most powerful components and design patterns Paperback – January 13, 2017

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Taking a complete journey through the most valuable design patterns in React, this book demonstrates how to apply design patterns and best practices in real-life situations, whether that's for new or already existing projects. It will help you to make your applications more flexible, perform better, and easier to maintain - giving your workflow a huge boost when it comes to speed without reducing quality.

10 React Cookbook

by Carlos Santana Roldan (Author)

Create dynamic web apps with React using Redux, Webpack, Node.js, and GraphQL Paperback – August 30, 2018

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Today's web demands efficient real-time applications and scalability. If you want to learn to build fast, efficient, and high-performing applications using React 16, this is the book for you. We plunge directly into the heart of all the most important React concepts for you to conquer. Along the way, you’ll learn how to work with the latest ECMAScript features.

11 The Road to learn React

by Robin Wieruch (Author)

Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js Paperback – September 14, 2018

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In the Road to learn React, I want to offer a foundation before you start to dive into the broader React ecosystem. It has less tooling and less external state management, but a lot of information around React. It explains general concepts, patterns and best practices in a real world React application.

12 React and React Native

by Adam Boduch (Author)

Complete guide to web and native mobile development with React, 2nd Edition Paperback – September 28, 2018

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This books takes you through using React 16 and React Native 0.5 to create powerful and engaging desktop mobile and native applications for all platforms.

You start by learning how to craft composable UIs using React, ranging from rendering with JSX and creating reusable components to routing and creating isomorphic applications that run on Node.js.

13 Beginning React

by Andrea Chiarelli (Author)

Simplify your frontend development workflow and enhance the user experience of your applications with React Paperback – July 25, 2018

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Projects like Angular and React are rapidly changing how development teams build and deploy web applications to production. In this book, you’ll learn the basics you need to get up and running with React and tackle real-world projects and challenges. It includes helpful guidance on how to consider key user requirements within the development process, and also shows you how to work with advanced concepts such as state management, data-binding, routing, and the popular component markup that is JSX. As you complete the included examples, you’ll find yourself well-equipped to move onto a real-world personal or professional frontend project.

14 Building React.js Applications with Redux

by David Geary (Author)

In Building React.js Applications with Redux, leading Web frameworks expert David Geary demonstrates how to implement web apps with these technologies, making state far more reliable and less error-prone.

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Starting with the basics, Geary shows how to use Redux as a stand-alone state container, how to use Redux with React, and then how to implement more advanced and powerful Redux/React scenarios. Geary shows how React bindings for Redux enable you to separate stateless presentation components from components that are connected to React. You'll learn how react-redux bindings can automatically connect to the Redux store, and how they enforce good programming practice by separating concerns between containers and their associated stateless components. Geary also illustrates advanced aspects of Redux through a complex application example.

15 Full-Stack React Projects

by Shama Hoque (Author)

Modern web development using React 16, Node, Express, and MongoDB Paperback – May 29, 2018

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This book guides you through preparing the development environment for MERN stack-based web development, to creating a basic skeleton application and extending it to build four different web applications. These applications include a social media, an online marketplace, a media streaming, and a web-based game application with virtual reality features.

16 Learning React Native

by Bonnie Eisenman (Author)

Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript 2nd Edition

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Get a practical introduction to React Native, the JavaScript framework for writing and deploying fully featured mobile apps that render natively. The second edition of this hands-on guide shows you how to build applications that target iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms instead of browsers—apps that can access platform features such as the camera, user location, and local storage.

17 React Design Patterns and Best Practices

by Carlos Santana Roldan (Author)

Design, build and deploy production-ready web applications using standard industry practices, 2nd Edition Paperback – March 30, 2019

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React is an adaptable JavaScript library for building complex UIs from small, detached bits called components. This book is designed to take you through the most valuable design patterns in React, helping you learn how to apply design patterns and best practices in real-life situations.

18 React Native Cookbook

by Jonathan Lebensold (Author)

Tackling an app development project on multiple platforms is usually an arduous task, but with React Native, you can build cross-platform mobile apps that look and behave just like native apps built with Swift or Java.

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How do you organize a project? Or design an app that can access a device’s camera? Based on author Jonathan Lebensold’s personal journey through the app development process, the recipes in this cookbook will not only provide you with quick answers, they can also inspire you to come up with your own solutions.

19 Serverless Web Applications with React and Firebase

by Harmeet Singh (Author), Mayur Tanna (Author)

Develop real-time applications for web and mobile platforms Paperback – May 9, 2018

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This book will cover the essentials of Firebase and React.js and will take you on a fast-paced journey through building real-time applications with Firebase features such as Cloud Storage, Cloud Function, Hosting and the Realtime Database. We will learn how to secure our application by using Firebase authentication and database security rules. We will leverage the power of Redux to organize data in the front-end, since Redux attempts to make state mutations predictable by imposing certain restrictions on how and when updates can happen. Towards the end of the book you will have improved your React skills by realizing the potential of Firebase to create real-time serverless web applications.

20 React

by Lionel Lopez (Author)

Quickstart Step-By-Step Guide To Learning React Javascript Library (React.js, Reactjs, Learning React JS, React Javascript, React Programming) Paperback – September 7, 2017

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This book/tutorial is about ReactJS and it is designed to move you from beginner to advanced programming.