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JSON is a lightweight text-only format that can be easily transferred to and from a server. While it is strongly associated with JavaScript, JSON is a language-independent format that is popularly used in modern programming languages such as Python, PERL, Java, Ruby, and PHP. You’ll typically find built-in functions, methods, or workaround that allow these programming languages to utilize JSON.

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1.XML and JSON Recipes for SQL Server

A Problem-Solution Approach Paperback – December 19, 2017

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This book shows how to take advantage of XML and JSON to share data and automate tasks. JSON is commonly used to move data back and forth between the database and front-end applications, often running in a browser. This book shows all you need to know about transforming query results into JSON format, and back again. Also covered are the processes and techniques for moving data into and out of XML format for business intelligence and other purposes, such as when transferring data from a reporting system into a data warehouse, or between different database brands such as between SQL Server and Oracle.

Microsoft intensively implements XML in SQL Server, and in many related products. Execution plans are generated in XML format, and this book shows you how to parse those plans and automate the detection of performance problems. The relatively new Extended Events feature writes tracing data into XML files, and the recipes in this book help in parsing those files.

Json for Beginners

2.Json for Beginners

Your Guide to Easily Learn Json In 7 Days

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This book contains the steps, strategies, and techniques you need to learn, explore, and use JSON, the preferred and standard data format of the web. It was conceptualized and developed to provide beginners and web developers a comprehensive training that will help them master JSON in as short as one day.What is JSON and why should you learn it? JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. A subset of JavaScript, it is a way of storing information in an organized manner. It provides human readable data that can be accessed easily and logically. JSON facilitates data transfer between a server and a web application. The JSON format is used to serialize and transmit structured data over the internet. Its simplicity and flexibility allows it to be used across applications, programming languages, and framework.

JavaScript and JSON Essentials

3.JavaScript and JSON Essentials

Build light weight, scalable, and faster web applications with the power of JSON, 2nd Edition Paperback – April 23, 2018

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JSON is an established and standard format used to exchange data. This book shows how JSON plays different roles in full web development through examples. By the end of this book, you'll have a new perspective on providing solutions for your applications and handling their complexities.

JavaScript and JSON Essentials

4.JSON at Work

Practical Data Integration for the Web 1st Edition

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JSON at Work provides application architects and developers with guidelines, best practices, and use cases, along with lots of real-world examples and code samples. You’ll start with a comprehensive JSON overview, explore the JSON ecosystem, and then dive into JSON’s use in the enterprise.

JSON Quick Syntax Reference

5.JSON Quick Syntax Reference

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This compact syntax reference covers syntax and parameters central to JSON object definitions. You’ll learn the syntax used in the JSON object definition language, logically organized by topical chapters, and getting more advanced as chapters progress, covering structures and file formats which are best for use with HTML5. Furthermore, the JSON Quick Syntax Reference includes the key factors regarding the data footprint optimization work process, the in-lining of CSS and JS files, and why a data footprint optimization work process is important.

Beginning JSON

6.Beginning JSON

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The first two brief chapters of the book contain the foundations of JavaScript as it relates to JSON, and provide the necessary understandings for later chapters. Chapters 3 through 12 reveal what data is, how to convert that data into a transmittable/storable format, how to use AJAX to send and receive JSON, and, lastly, how to reassemble that data back into a proper JavaScript object to be used by your program. The final chapters put everything you learned into practice.

Java XML and JSON

7.Java XML and JSON

Document Processing for Java SE 2nd ed. Edition

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Use this guide to master the XML metalanguage and JSON data format along with significant Java APIs for parsing and creating XML and JSON documents from the Java language. New in this edition is coverage of Jackson (a JSON processor for Java) and Oracle’s own Java API for JSON processing (JSON-P), which is a JSON processing API for Java EE that also can be used with Java SE. This new edition of Java XML and JSON also expands coverage of DOM and XSLT to include additional API content and useful examples.

Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation

8.Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation

A To-the-Point Guide to JSON 1st Edition

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What is JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and how can you put it to work? This concise guide helps busy IT professionals get up and running quickly with this popular data interchange format, and provides a deep understanding of how JSON works. Author Lindsay Bassett begins with an overview of JSON syntax, data types, formatting, and security concerns before exploring the many ways you can apply JSON today.

Beginning JavaScript

9.Beginning JavaScript

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Beginning JavaScript 5th Edition shows you how to work effectively with JavaScript frameworks, functions, and modern browsers, and teaches more effective coding practices using HTML5. This new edition has been extensively updated to reflect the way JavaScript is most commonly used today, introducing you to the latest tools and techniques available to JavaScript developers. Coverage includes modern coding practices using HTML5 markup, the JSON data format, DOM APIs, the jQuery framework, and more. Exercises with solutions provide plenty of opportunity to practice, and the companion website offers downloadable code for all examples given in the book.


10.MySQL and JSON

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This hands-on guide teaches, step by step, how to use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) with MySQL. Written by a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle, MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide shows how to quickly get started using JSON with MySQL and clearly explains the latest tools and functions. All content is based on the author’s years of interaction with MySQL professionals. Throughout, real-world examples and sample code guide you through the syntax and application of each method. You will get in-depth coverage of programming with the MySQL Document Store.

Json.NET Declassified

11.Json.NET Declassified

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"Json.NET Declassified" is a must-have book if your .NET applications communicate over the internet. Sooner or later, all web developers will have to work with JSON data. When that time comes, most C# programmers turn to Json.NET, the most popular .NET library for parsing JSON data. Json.NET is a robust library with many useful features, spread across an abundance of classes. Most developers use only a fraction of Json.NET's powerful capabilities. If you are already familiar with C#, then you can quickly master Json.NET for your Visual Studio (and Visual Studio Code) applications using the techniques contained in this book. Simple code samples are used to illustrate each concept. "Json.NET Declassified" guides you step-by-step, from the beginning, learning the basic concepts before tackling more advanced features. Written by a poor, country, computer programmer from Long Beach, California, "Json.NET Declassified" is the culmination of many years spent developing .NET e-commerce applications.

Pro RESTful APIs

12.Pro RESTful APIs

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Pro RESTful APIs: Design gives you all the fundamentals from the top down: from the top (architecture) through the middle (design) to the bottom (coding). This book is a must have for any microservices or web services developer building applications and services.


13.JSON Book

Easy Learning of JavaScript Standard Object Notation Paperback – December 28, 2016

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This book is an exploration of JavaScript Standard Object Notation (JSON). Most of you might have heard about it, and it is used for displaying data on web browsers. JSON supports conversions. This means that we are able to convert data from one format to another format. For instance, we can convert JSON objects into some JavaScript strings, and the vice versa is true. This book guides you on how to do this. You can also do conversions between Java and JSON, that is, convert Java code to JSON and JSON code to Java code. This can be accomplished by use of the GSON tool.


14.Json: Main principals Paperback – June 29, 2016

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This book is an exploration of the JSON standard. It begins by explaining to the user what JSON is and where it is used. The syntax used in JSON is then discussed. The available data types in JSON are explored in this book. Objects and schema as used in JSON are also examined, along with the differences between JSON and XML, putting you in a position to differentiate between the two. The HTTP request in JSON is covered in detail, as well as function files. . The book also provides a guide to the user on how to work with JSON with the various programming languages including Java, PHP, Scala, Perl, Ruby, Python, and Ajax. The book also guides you on how to work with arrays for the purpose of string objects in JSON. JSONP is also explored.

Dan Gookin's Guide to XML and JSON Programming

15.Dan Gookin's Guide to XML and JSON Programming

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Give your C programs the power to digest, process, and generate information in the popular data interchange formats, XML and JSON. This tutorial covers all the basics, from installing the Libxml2 and json-c libraries, testing the functions, and working with the data. The process works best in the Unix environment, though information is also provided for the Code::Blocks IDE. An understanding of C programming as well as using a terminal window is a must.From Dan Gookin, the author and creator of the original For Dummies title, "DOS For Dummies," this book is packed with the kind of information and entertainment you'd expect. A must for any C coder's library.

Java XML and JSON 1st ed. Edition

16.Java XML and JSON 1st ed. Edition

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Java XML and JSON is your one-stop guide to mastering the XML metalanguage and JSON data format along with significant Java APIs for parsing and creating XML/JSON documents (and more). The first six chapters focus on XML along with the SAX, DOM, StAX, XPath, and XSLT APIs. The remaining four chapters focus on JSON along with the mJson, GSON, and JsonPath APIs.

JavaScript JSON Cookbook Paperback

17.JavaScript JSON Cookbook Paperback – June 25, 2015

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Ray Rischpater is an engineer and author with over 20 years of experience in writing about and developing for mobile computing platforms. During this time, he participated in the development of Internet technologies and custom applications for Java ME, Qualcomm BREW, Apple iPhone, Google Android, Palm OS, Newton, and Magic Cap, as well as several proprietary platforms. Currently, he's employed as a software development manager at Microsoft in Sunnyvale, where he works on mapping and data visualization. When he is not writing about software development, he enjoys hiking and photography with his family and friends in and around the San Lorenzo Valley in Central California.

JSON Web Token

18.JSON Web Token: Third Edition 3rd Edition

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