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Fullstack Vue: The Complete Guide to Vue.js

by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platformr

You will learn what you need to know to work professionally with Fullstack Vue: The Complete Guide to Vue.js

The book is clearly organized, and everything is very clear for someone who is a beginner to Javascript. The best part about this book is that besides learning the fundamentals of Vue, you also build several real-world applications that are very practical. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to learn Vue.


Vue.js: Up and Running

by Callum Macrae

Author Callum Macrae shows you how to use the most useful libraries in the Vue ecosystem, such as vue-router for routing, vuex for state management, and vue-test-utils for testing.

If you know HTML and JavaScript and are looking to take your knowledge to the next level by learning how to use a framework, this book is for you. You don’t have to be amazing at JavaScript, but I don’t explain what any of the JavaScript in the code examples is doing beyond the Vue.js functionality, so it’s good to have some basic JavaScript knowledge.


Vue.js in Action

by Erik Hanchett (Author), Benjamin Listwon (Author)

Vue.js in Action teaches readers to build fast, flowing web UI with the Vue.js framework.

I purchased several books on Vue.js and this book is one of the best. It offers clear explanations and the book's topics are presented in a way that builds a good understanding of how to use the framework. The author clearly describes the code and what it is doing. I recommend this to anyone that is new to Vue.js.


Learning Vue.js 2

by Olga Filipova

Learn how to build amazing and complex reactive web applications easily with Vue.js

Brian : I am really enjoying this book. It does dive into the code of Vue on a fairly deep level. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because the author has included some subjective data about it being more performant than react when that is not proven at all however besides that I can't think of anything bad to say about the book.


Vue.js 2 Web Development Projects

by Guillaume Chau

A project-based, practical guide to get hands-on into Vue.js 2.5 development by building beautiful, functional and performant web applications

This book's project-based approach will get you to build six stunning applications from scratch and gain valuable insights in Vue.js 2.5. You'll start by learning the basics of Vue.js and create your first web app using directives along with rich and attractive user experiences. You will learn about animations and interactivity by creating a browser-based game.


Building Applications with Spring 5 and Vue.js 2

by James J. Ye

Build a modern, full-stack web application using Spring Boot and Vuex

With the help of this book, you'll get to grips with Spring 5 and Vue.js 2 as you learn how to develop a web application. From the initial structuring to full deployment, you'll be guided at every step of developing a web application from scratch with Vue.js 2 and Spring 5.


Vue.js 2.x by Example

by Mike Street

Learn the fundamentals of vue.js by creating complex SPAs with Vuex, vue-router and more

With this book, you will learn how to use Vue.js by creating three Single Page web applications. Throughout this book, we will cover the usage of Vue, for building web interfaces, Vuex, an official Vue plugin which makes caching and storing data easier, and Vue-router, a plugin for creating routes and URLs for your application.


Vue.js 2 Design Patterns and Best Practices

by Paul Halliday

Become an expert Vue developer by understanding the design patterns and component architecture of Vue.js to write clean and maintainable code.

This book targets Vue Developers who care about framework design principles and utilize commonly found design patterns in developing web applications.


Vue.js 2 Cookbook

by Andrea Passaglia

101 hands-on recipes that teach you how to build professional, structured web apps with Vue.js.

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript library for building modern, interactive web applications. With a rapidly growing community and a strong ecosystem, Vue.js makes developing complex single page applications a breeze. Its component-based approach, intuitive API, blazing fast core, and compact size make Vue.js a great solution to craft your next front-end application.


Complete Vue.js 2 Web Development

by Andrea Passaglia

Become a pro in creating modern interactive web applications using this JavaScript framework.

The Learning Path will have easy-to-follow recipes to help you tackle the challenges and craft dynamic front end. You will learn to integrate web utilities like Babel and Webpack to enhance your development workflow. Finally, towards the end, the course will introduce you to several design patterns to help you write clean, maintainable, and reusable codes with Vue framework.