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Learning React Native

by Bonnie Eisenman

Get a practical introduction to React Native, the JavaScript framework for writing and deploying fully featured mobile apps that render natively.

Through code examples and step-by-step instructions, web developers and frontend engineers familiar with React will learn how to build and style interfaces, use mobile components, and debug and deploy apps. You’ll learn how to extend React Native using third-party libraries or your own Java and Objective-C libraries.


React Native in Action

by Nader Dabit

React Native in Action gives iOS, Android, and web developers the knowledge and confidence they need to begin building high-quality iOS and Android apps using the React Native framework.

React Native in Action teaches you to build high-quality cross-platform mobile and web apps. In this hands-on guide, you'll jump right into building a complete app with the help ofclear, easy-to-follow instructions. As you build your skills, you'll drill down to more-advanced topics like styling, APIs, animations, data architecture, and more! You'll also learn how to maximize code reuse without sacrificing native platform look-and-feel.


React Native in Action

by Frank Zammetti

Discover how to use React Native in the real world, from scratch. This book shows you what React Native has to offer, where it came from, and where it’s going.

Practical React Nativeoffers practical exercises that will give you a solid grasp of building apps with React Native, allowing you to springboard into creating more advanced apps on your own.Creating a game with React Native will allow you to see a whole other perspective on what React Native can do.


React and React Native

by Adam Boduch

This books takes you through using React 16 and React Native 0.5 to create powerful and engaging desktop mobile and native applications for all platforms.

Towards the end of the book, you will learn how Flux ideas are encapsulated within React components using Relay and apply all the skills learned so far to create a React application that runs on every major platform.


Fullstack React Native

by Devin Abbott (Author), Houssein Djirdeh (Author), Anthony Accomazzo (Editor), Sophia Shoemaker (Editor)

This books takes you through using React 16 and React Native 0.5 to create powerful and engaging desktop mobile and native applications for all platforms.

Create beautiful mobile apps with JavaScript and React

Deliver high quality mobile apps, at light speed.

Building the same app in both Swift and Java is time-consuming. With React Native, you can release a native app on both iOS and Android from a single codebase.


React Native Cookbook

by Dan Ward

Improve your React Native mobile development skills and transition from web to mobile development with this solution-packed guide.

While React Native development can be done on a Windows machine, certain aspects, such as running your apps on iOS devices and in the iOS simulator, or editing native code with Xcode, can only be done with a Mac.


React Native Cookbook: Bringing the Web to Native Platforms

by Jonathan Lebensold

Tackling an app development project on multiple platforms is usually an arduous task, but with React Native, you can build cross-platform mobile apps that look and behave just like native apps built with Swift or Java.

You are already familiar with programming and JavaScript in particular. This book assumes you are tackling common software design choices that arise when building native applications.


Node.js, MongoDB, React, React Native Full-Stack Fundamentals and Beyond

by Eric Bush

Enjoy learning the fundamentals of building a Service Layer with Node.js/Express, a Data Layer with MongoDB, and a Presentation Layer with React and React Native.

Illustrated with a sample application to learn everything along the way.This book will teach you how to develop JavaScript applications with simple to use, yet powerful JavaScript technologies and host everything in the cloud in an economic and robust way.


Hands-On Design Patterns with React Native

by Mateusz Grzesiukiewicz

Learn how to write cross platform React Native code by using effective design patterns in the JavaScript world.

This book will show you effective design patterns in the React Native world and will make you ready for professional development in big teams.


React Native for Mobile Development

by Akshat Paul (Author), Abhishek Nalwaya (Author)

Harness the Power of React Native to Create Stunning iOS and Android Applications 2nd ed. Edition.

React Native challenges the status quo of native iOS and Android development with revolutionary components, asynchronous execution, unique methods for touch handling, and much more. This book reveals the the path-breaking concepts of React.js and acquaints you with the React way of thinking so you can learn to create stunning user interfaces.


React Native - Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript

by Vladimir Novick

Your go-to guide to creating truly native iOS and Android mobile applications using React and JavaScript.

This book is for JavaScript developers who want to learn how to create native mobile apps using React Native.


Getting Started with React Native

by Ethan Holmes (Author), Tom Bray (Author)

Learn to build modern native iOS and Android applications using JavaScript and the incredible power of React.

This book is for web developers who want to learn to build fast, good-looking, native mobile applications using the skills they already have. If you already have some JavaScript knowledge or are using React on the web, then you will be able to quickly get up and running with React Native for iOS and Android.


React Native By Example

by Richard Kho

React Native's ability to build performant mobile applications with JavaScript has resulted in its popularity amongst developers.

This book will show you how to build your own native mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms while leveraging the finesse and simplicity of JavaScript and React.


React Native Blueprints

by Emilio Rodriguez Martinez

Create eight exciting native cross-platform mobile applications with JavaScript Paperback – November 8, 2017.

This book covers the entire feature set of React Native, starting from the simplest (layout or navigation libraries) to the most advanced (integration with native code) features.


JavaScript Applications with Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB

by Eric Bush

JavaScript Applications with Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB: Design, code, test, deploy and manage in Amazon AWS Paperback – July 7, 2018.

JavaScript is more popular than ever. This is due to the huge developer community and it being used in every layer of an application technology stack. This book will teach you how to develop JavaScript applications with simple to use, yet powerful JavaScript technologies and host everything in the cloud in an economic and robust way in AWS.